Machining workshop

Machining is indispensable step for an accurate product.

Machines we use: LG MAZAK horizontal CNC machining centers;

                              Made-in-taiwan CNC lathes

The dimensions we can machine: from 1.5mm to 450mm from diameter

Tolerances we can achieve: +/-0.01mm

Every step of production is documented in detail in the machining processes so that there are no questions for the operator regarding machine, fixtures, tooling, or gauges. Operators and Quality control must sign off at each step, which instills a higher sense of pride in the work accomplished.

We machine not only your parts but also our own patterns, tools, fixtures, and some gauges which gives us tight control over all steps of our manufacturing processes.

20210606091002_93287.png  20210606091002_33005.png  20210606091006_97830.png

7MAZAK CNC Horizontal machining center.JPG MAZAK CNC Horizontal machining center

Vertical CNC machining center

9 Vertical CNC machining center.jpgVertical CNC machining center

CNC lathe.jpgCNC lathe

Vertical machining center 3.jpgVertical machining center 3

10 Work-shop.jpgWork-shop