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EBL Series Bearing Seat 316SS Investment Casting Rustless High Strength Bearing Seat

Item Name: EBL Series Bearing Seat 316SS Investment Casting Rustless High Strength Bearing Seat

Min. Order: 1 Piece

We can cast, machine, assemble many series bearing seat. Such as EXF series, EXS series, EXT series, EXW series, EBL series, EXL series, EXC series. We currently produce thousands of assembled bearing seats and bearing seats parts annually. We would be happy to quote 316 stainless steel investment casting parts or assembly products per your requirement.

The life of the bearing increased from months to years.

Few industries are tougher on bearings than the mussel industry. Quite simply, the breaking of mussels often wrecks normal bearings. The seawater is corrosive and contains sand. When the mussel shell is broken, pieces of shell can get inside the bearing. The average lifetime of an ordinary bearing on a conveyor belt in a mussel factory is about three months.

Everyone loves a bargain. So when a customer buys a new bearing unit, they often pay extreme attention to the purchase price, especially if they work in procurement. This can be misleading when the real cost of running and maintaining the equipment where the bearing unit will be installed actually determines how much a bearing will cost your company in the long run.



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